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Dev Diaries, lookchapter #1: Value in Failure

Failure is always present. Forever pervasive in every aspect of our life and lurking around the corner, either you like it or not. But is it bad though?
In these chronicles we will take a deeper and personal look into the obstacles and issues a developer faces frequently, starting with the stigma of "Failure".

I'm sorry, i failed you. People usually are under the impression that a developer's work is pretty straight forward, or easy to achieve without much of a fuss. That all solutions have been invented already and all a developer has to do is to implement or get them together.
In reality, pretty frequently actually, a developer will get stuck on something. It can happen right from the start or in the middle of a development, it does not matter. Sooner or later it is going to happen. Going through several tries and failed attempts, leaving the developer feeling stuck, sometimes hopeless. Then it comes down to what a developer decides to do from that point on... Give up? F* that!

Ain't nobody got time for that

The developer will pick himself up, face the temporary feeling of failure, and start searching for a solution - from asking colleagues for advice, to the good old "google search" and whatnot.
Sometimes the developer finds parts of what he's looking for in a different language or technology, but he will find a way to adapt his findings to his needs. Even little "bread crumbs" can be sufficient for the developer to progress towards his objective, guided by his curiosity, sustained by his thirst for knowledge.
In our field, the technologies, languages and methodologies are constantly evolving. - what is considered "Correct" today may be considered "Incorrect" (or inadequate) tomorrow. - therefore this aptitude and propensity to adapt, to research, to inquire, is one of the most important traits for a developer (or, at least, in my opinion being a developer myself).
So, in the process of researching, of progressing towards the so desired solution, it's right there and then it happens... The magic moment of growth.


At this point the developer might have a solution, but definitely has grown both as a professional and as a person. The gaze has been widened to the full realization that failure is an illusion, failure is just a temporary veil to your success, failure promotes growth and creates endless opportunities.
It's in the hands of, not only every single developer, but every single person, to grasp those opportunities, to not give in to hardships, and to become something more, something greater.

Stay sharp, stay humble.

Miguel Pinto

Lookatitude CEO. Coder at heart. Aims to be the one who firstly opens the door for a great environment at the company, and who will ultimately drive people to share, learn and experiment.

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