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AMP - What the hell is it anyway?

So, AMP (awesome name btw) or Accelerated Mobile Pages, what is it actually?
Well, it's a project from Google to make a faster, more flexible mobile web experience. It's basically a lightweight HTML page and it came as an open source response to Facebook's Instant Articles.

So how does it work? What does it do?

Well it provides a structure that is strict, and based on components.
It provides everything you need to make a fast page, stuff like lazy loading for images, pre-built components, standardized javascript files, HTML validation, among others.

That sounds great, but what is it for?

AMP can be used in pretty much any type of page, but keep in mind that it's designed to be mobile only (example of the mobile behavior below) and should be used as a companion page to a more traditional HTML page, you can use it in blogs posts or news article (example), product listings (example), product pages (example) and many other applications, actually this blog post has an AMP version.

Does this have a future?

It looks like it, it has gained traction with big tech players like: Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress.com, Baidu, Ebay and LinkedIn.
Also, it doesn't seem to be one of those projects that Google creates and then quickly forgets, recently at Google I/0 '17, new updates to AMP were announced, the biggest one was the 2x speed improvement in load time, along with a couple of new components.

Here is the Google I/O '17 keynote:

Ok I'm sold on the idea! How can I start using it?

First of all, explore the official website, explore the documentation and the examples
You can join the Slack group where you can get the latest news, speak with the community and get help for your AMP problems.
Just play with it, start building, start exploring, have fun with it.

Miguel Pinto

Lookatitude CEO. Coder at heart. Aims to be the one who firstly opens the door for a great environment at the company, and who will ultimately drive people to share, learn and experiment.

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