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Let's talk about Graphic Design

I’m not going to introduce this topic with noteworthy dates or some boring text telling you what Graphic Design is and what it is used for.. No! I will give you my personal opinion on why it is essential, in this day and age, with a brief introduction.
Graphic Design is, as I said before, a way to solve a problem.
Question - What is the problem?
Answer - Communicate a message.

There is always an intrinsic need in human beings to show the world their vision of things. The way I see it is, every human being is creative, and feels the need to show off that creativity in some way. Some even manage to pour everything they feel and experience into whatever medium they chose to expose their personal brand of creativity. There are several ways to do this and as we all know the concept of "conversation" or "dialogue" as you call it, is one of the simplest and most direct ways of sharing our thoughts and opinions, on any subject. In the case of writers, perhaps an imaginary world is reflected in a book, in a newspaper column or even in a personal diary. The most important player in any kind of communication, is the receiver... For without the receiver the concept of "message" has no meaning. The receiver will always be the starting point for true communication between two or more people.
In the arts (as in any other medium) the triad - Sender, Message and Receiver are the basis of communication.. But things are not so linear.

Regarding Graphic Design, or Communication Design, the idea is to send a message and use different methods to do it. These methods are defined as the Channel. But, let's simplify this in order to understand exactly what I am trying to explain. In the Theory of Communication there are many more rules associated with this whole story of how to communicate.
Everyday we are bombarded by graphic design, from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. We see this everyday in signage related to branding, traffic rules, we know what they mean just by looking at them.

The main goal of Graphic Design is to share a message. And the question is: How? This is what I will explain in the next article - How and in what ways graphic design can help us send the message we want.
Yes I know .. I was very vague... How and in what ways graphic design can help us send the message we want. =) I want to send you a message, but I do not need to do it directly..
Until then!

Liliana Faustino

Graphic Designer at Lookatitude.I promise to write about the truth of Graphic Design and nothing else but the truth.

Senhora da Hora

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